Employer Resources

Financial Wellness classes for Employees

CCCS classes cover topics like credit, savings, budgeting, and more to teach valuable skills that help participants take control of finances. There's no passing or failing, just a way to help participants find new strategies and techniques to manage their financial situation.

In balance

This class focuses on budgeting, tracking expenses, goal setting, and the importance of saving. Banking basics teaching your kids about money is outlined, explained and presented as a tool to help participants develop their own financial goals.

All about credit

As the name implies, this class focuses on the pros and cons of credit: how to get it, how to keep it, how to protect it from identity theft, and what a credit report contains.

Do you really want to work forever?

This class was developed to encourage people to contribute to their retirement savings so they don't have to work forever. Emphasis is placed on the importance of increasing contributions to meet the employer match and increasing contributions.

Surviving in challenging times

This class stresses budgeting and tracking expenses; as well as ways to reduce spend, cut expenses, and generate additional income when money is tight and times are tough.

What to do when the paycheck stops

This class was developed several years ago with the labor representative at United Way of Greater Milwaukee. It provides useful information to companies that are or have been faced with shrinking their workforce or closing their doors.

Financial crisis

This class offers participants strategies and tactics to take charge of their personal finances, with a very no-nonsense approach to the importance of developing a budget, tracking expenses, saving money, and building a good credit score.

What to do when someone you love needs financial help

Class participants will learn how to manage elderly adults and loved ones that are unable to handle their own finances and bills. This may be caused by dementia, Alzheimers, or depression of aging.