How We Work

How we work with you
Consumer Credit Counseling Services provides confidential, personalized service through face-to-face counseling. We’ll help you develop an individual plan that’s right for your situation.

We have 5 convenient locations throughout the greater Milwaukee area and offer Saturday and evening appointments.

How much does it cost?
Our counseling is very affordable. We are supported by contributions from a variety of sources, so we only charge a small set-up fee and nominal monthly administrative fees. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation at any of our offices.

What can you do for me?
We start by providing a complete and professional assessment of your financial situation. Then we work with you to form a plan to start eliminating your debt. For example:

We help consolidate and reschedule debt payments to make them more manageable
We serve as your mediator with creditors and attempt to lower or even eliminate interest charges
We give you the discipline, budgeting skills, strategies and ongoing educational support to take control of your current and future finances
We become your planning partner to help you gain control of your debt.

Click here to schedule a no obligation consultation at any of our offices. Or call us at 414-482-8801 (toll free at 888-799-CCCS).

Services offered:

  • Budget assessments
  • Credit report reviews
  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling
  • Debt management plans to repay unsecured debt
  • Financial coaching
  • Student loan assistance