Employer Resources

We know finances can be very stressful and getting solid information can be confusing. We offer a number of “brown bag” presentations to employer groups at no charge, as long as they are located in the greater Milwaukee area. Some of our topics include:

  • Financial Fitness – a very no nonsense approach to the importance of tracking expenses, developing a budget, saving money and the importance of a good credit score. Lots of ideas on how to take charge of your personal finances.
  • Money Sense – a class that focuses on budget tracking expenses, goal setting, and the importance of saving. A net worth statement is explained and recommended as a tool to help develop financial goals.
  • To Your Credit – this class discusses the pros and cons of credit, how to get it, how to keep it, how to protect it, who else has access to it and what is on a credit report.
  • Do You Really Want to Work Forever? – developed to encourage people to contribute to their retirement savings so they don’t have to work forever. Emphasis is on how to increase contributions and the importance of contributing enough to meet the employer match.
  • Couples and Money – this stresses budgeting and tracking expenses, but also looking at where cuts can be made in a budget until times are better and how to generate additional income.
  • Raising Money-Smart Kids – the importance of teaching children to be good money managers and to help them begin to save a portion of gift money, allowance and wages.